About us

madelocal.app is an online marketplace for people in the UK to buy and sell handcrafted and handmade items.
Our unique purpose means that items made locally to the customer are always prioritised for viewing, with the aim of encouraging people to shop locally and support local makers and creators.

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We encourage people to buy and sell in their local area and our mission is “Connecting local makers and crafters with buyers in a secure and familiar online community. We champion locally made items.”

There are lots of craft marketplaces on the web. But we are different. Here is what our users have said:

Made local is a very interesting concept and the site looks great. The local angle is a genuine point of difference and I think it's something customers will really value.

number8glass (madelocal.app seller)

It seems to be really user friendly so far and well set up. You’ve clearly put a lot of thought into the user journey.

Missy Mac Glass (madelocal.app seller)

I saw all the updates and it was amazing! Worked like a dream! I could add all my colour variations and it just made me so happy!

whytehearndesigns (madelocal.app seller)

I love the local side of your website I’m trying to connect more locally.

Abby’s Art Atelier (madelocal.app seller)

madelocal.app was itself created and developed by a local start-up company based in north east Wales. With a belief that shopping locally is the key to building better communities and a stronger economy, the idea was born for a platform.

madelocal.app is registered as a Limited company in the UK. It is run by a team of two who built it from scratch.

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Clare & Dave.