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Become an Ambassador Affiliates Programme

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Hey, thanks for showing an interest

We are a small start up company wanting to grow our business organically. We are looking for community champions to become Ambassadors. As an Ambassador you will promote our business, drive traffic to our site and increase the volume of sales going through the checkout.

What's in it for me?

In return for each sale you drive through the checkout you will receive £0.50 per successful transaction.

How do I drive a sale?

We will provide you with a unique promotional code that must be entered by the customer when they checkout their basket of items on the website. The sale must be genuine and items subsequently refunded will not count as a sale.

How do I get paid?

We will pay out your commission at the end of each month direct to your bank account based on completed sales that month. You can keep track of your commission using the Ambassador's dashboard.

Who can be an ambassador?

Any adult based in the UK is eligible to register. We are looking for people who can relate to one or more of the points below:

  • active in the crafting and handmade community
  • existing seller on the website
  • engaged in local online community pages
  • passionate about shopping locally and supporting small independent businesses
  • social media savvy

Registration form:

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