Connecting local makers and crafters with buyers

Issue 1 (03/05/21)

Our first week

Since we opened the site last week for sellers to sign up and list their items ready for trading in July, we now have a growing community on Facebook of potential buyers and a growing community on Instagram of potential sellers. Please help us to spread the word about the site and share with your friends, family and followers too using #shopmadelocal @shopmadelocal

Shout out

We are particularly grateful to Blissful embroidery and gifts who signed up and got in touch to let us know what is working well and what could be improved. We have already made changes to the speed of the site, added new item categories and new menu bars for easy navigation.

Join us

Don't forget to take advantage of our early adopters offer and sign up before July 2021. With no subscription fee, unlimited free listings and payment processing fees included; you only pay a small commission when you sell. If you have an existing Etsy shop we can help you copy across your items for free. Just let us know if you need any help with setting up your account and we'd be happy to assist. What have you got to lose?

Jobs for this week

So, while you are busy taking a look around and getting familiar with the website, we'll be putting the finishing touches to our company registration documents and taking the leap to get set up for trading in July 2021. We are using MANGOPAY to process credit and debit cards, which is a safe and secure way to handle online transactions. Buyers will not notice any difference and it is seamlessly integrated into the checkout process. As we get closer to launch we will contact everyone who has registered to get their account set up for MANGOPAY.

Spread the word

As we build up to our launch in July 2021 we'll be using social marketing to spread the word about Madelocal. We are a start-up company wanting to help makers and creators showcase their items to buyers in their local area. We believe the best way to let people know about this is to spread the word - tell everyone you know you about us. As we grow our business we have big ambitions - expert staff, organized events... who knows what else? We have to start somewhere and we really hope you'll come with us.