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Issue 3 (19/07/21)

We are now open!

At the start of July we achieved a huge milestone and opened the checkout after months of planning and preparation. Thank you to each and every one of you for making this possible. After all the excitement of the launch we took a well-earned break away to recharge our batteries and we are now back to work again on the site. As always, we'd love to hear from you about what is working well and any improvements you would like us to make.

We recognise that this is a busy time of year for you with craft fairs happening all over the country. It's great to see you out there selling your items after the last year of restrictions. Don't forget to tell people that you are on for those after fair sales!

Shout out

We are particularly grateful to Strawberry Mint Designs who signed up and got in touch to take advantage of our free upload service. We quickly managed to upload her data file exported from Etsy and got her madelocal store ready for the launch. Vicky has been brilliant in actively promoting her items on through her Instagram posts and the link in her Instagram bio.


We will be regularly featuring our sellers and first up is our good friend Lesley from Blissful embroidery and gifts. This link takes you to the features page to find out more about what inspires her to craft and create.

Jobs for this week

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is something that website developers can build into the background to help their site rank highly in search engines and drive more visitors to the website. We are already top of Google’s search results for ‘madelocal’ and ‘made local’. Our job for this week is to build more search terms into the code to increase the range of searches that list in the results.

Spread the word

We have added a new Promo section to the user dashboard complete with templates for sharing your items on social media.

Please remember to let your customers and followers know that they can find you on when you are posting content that is available on the site. Whether you are on other sites as well, you could be financially better off making a sale on so it is worth giving people the option of where to buy your items from.

Social media and word of mouth are the best way for people to hear about so please continue to help spread the word about the site and share it with your friends, family and followers #shopmadelocal @shopmadelocal