Terms & Conditions

Hello and welcome to madelocal! Thank you for finding us. We’d love for you to join us in the local crafting community and start buying and selling locally made items online. Please read on to find out more about the site, have a browse of the marketplace and take a look at the Help Centre for user guides and answers to frequently asked questions. Still not sure? Please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

We want everyone to have a great experience of using madelocal so we ask that you follow these rules for user behaviour and interaction.

Date last updated 20/06/2021

madelocal is a unique platform for selling locally made items. It connects local makers and crafters with buyers in a secure and familiar community; championing locally made items. madelocal is not a curated platform and takes no responsibility for the items sold on the platform.

madelocal is not a seller; it is service provider and therefore the following terms and conditions apply. This document demonstrates compliance with The Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002. If you have any questions or concerns about madelocal’s terms and conditions please contact us.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are providing all necessary consents to use the site. These terms include rules for behaviour as a registered buyer or seller and rules for transactions to which madelocal is not party. You agree to inform madelocal, using the contact us options of any issues which may affect other users or which may affect the site. If you have problems with the site, including service quality or someone's behaviour please contact us. madelocal will investigate your complaint.

In accordance with our Privacy Policy we keep a record of the date and time that users confirm their acceptance of these terms and conditions. madelocal reserves the right to update this policy at any time and without notice. However, when we update this document you will be notified the next time you access the site. We record the date of the last update at the beginning of the document.

madelocal operates in the United Kingdom. Registered users must be over 18 years of age, have a UK address and UK bank account.

The availability of the website is dependent on internet service providers. We reserve the right to withdraw or amend the services we provide through the site without notice. We will not be liable if for any reason any of the services are unavailable at any time or for any period.

  • “Website” or “the site” or “platform” refer to the web application
  • “Web application” is a website accessed via an internet browser. It will adapt to whichever device it is viewed on. Web applications do not need to be downloaded or installed but look and function a lot like a mobile application when viewed on a smartphone.
  • “Marketplace” is a site that connects buyers and sellers. The market may be for goods or services of any type, and may require either side to register as a member before being allowed to trade.
  • “Use” is defined as browsing, selling or purchasing an item or items, and any activity associated with these tasks such as signing up for an account.
  • “Users” are defined as individuals who browse, sell or purchase items on the website.
  • Users are over 18 years of age. This is a term and condition of use.
  • “We”, “us” and “our” refers to madelocal limited.
  • “Third party” or “third parties” refers to an organisation associated with madelocal who processes your personal data as part of your use of madelocal.

Who we are and how to contact us

madelocal is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 13411017. madelocal operates in the United Kingdom.

The registered and postal address of madelocal is Chapel House Ffordd Y Llan Treuddyn Flintshire CH7 4LN. For details of how to get in touch with us see contact us.

How it works

What makes madelocal unique is that it prioritises items for sale based on the proximity to the user’s location. In order to do this the user must enter their location in the form of their postcode in the search bar at the top of the Home page. The user’s exact location cannot be determined from the postcode. The website converts the postcode into a latitude and longitude, which generates a place name of the nearest town. The user is asked to confirm their location from a drop-down list before clicking the button to Show items. The items are listed in order of proximity to the postcode, with the closest items listed first. The location of the items is determined by the seller’s location (postcode) which is collected through the account registration process. The exact location of the seller is only revealed to the buyer via email if the seller agrees to the item being collected from their home or premises.

See our Help Centre for information, FAQs and contact details.

Pricing and payment

For each item on sale, and each variation of the item (such as different material, colour, size etc.) the seller must decide the price and, if applicable, the delivery, personalisation, gift wrap and gift note charges. This allows the seller the flexibility to offer different prices depending on the item variant. The price should account for the cost of materials and the value of the time taken to make it. Sellers are also advised to take account of the transaction fee and commission applied at the point of payment.

The item price should include VAT if applicable. madelocal requires that sellers who are VAT registered take responsibility for ensuring that they fully comply with current VAT regulations and account for VAT correctly; stating clearly that their prices include VAT.

Sellers must not:

  • coordinate pricing with other sellers
  • encourage buyers to purchase an item from them directly. A transaction initiated on madelocal may not be completed elsewhere.
  • alter the price of an item after a sale for the purpose of avoiding the order fee and commission fee
  • use an account other than their own
  • sell items that they have not made themselves
  • sell items where they are in receipt of commission for selling on behalf of someone/another organisation.

madelocal enables buyers to purchase items from multiple sellers in a single transaction.

madelocal has a simple pricing structure displayed on the Pricing page of the site. There is no joining fee, no subscription fee, unlimited free listings and no advertising fees. The payment processing fees are included in the fees shown.

madelocal charges the seller a flat fee plus commission fee per transaction. madelocal charges the buyer a basket fee. The current fees are stated on the Pricing page of the site. madelocal reserves the right to change the fees, for example offer promotional rates, raise charitable donations or make adjustments for inflation. madelocal reserves the right to vary the fees depending, for example, on the type of item and type of seller.

When an item sells, madelocal collects the total amount paid by the buyer including the item price, basket charge and any delivery, personalisation, gift wrap, or other charges. For all transactions the seller's fees are calculated on the total sales price. The total sales price is the total amount paid by the buyer excluding the basket charge.

Payment from buyers is processed by madelocal’s third party payment provider Stripe at the point of checkout. madelocal fees are deducted and the remaining money is paid to the seller's Stripe account. The seller will receive the money in their Stripe account when they confirm that the item is ready to be collected by the buyer or has been dispatched for delivery. Stripe automatically transfers this into the seller's bank account. The first payout for every new Stripe account is typically paid out 7 days after the first successful payment is received. Most banks deposit payouts into your bank account as soon as they receive them, although some may take a few extra days to make them available.

Privacy and data protection

madelocal respects your privacy. It matters to us that users feel safe and secure in all aspects of interacting with us. In our Privacy Policy we set out how we protect your personal data collected through your use of the site including the use of your data by third parties. Please take the time to read and understand what happens to your personal data. If you have any questions or concerns about madelocal’s Privacy Policy please contact us.

It is important that the personal data we hold about users is accurate and up to date. Users must let us know if their personal data changes by updating their account details on madelocal. Failure to provide accurate personal data (for example a postcode) means that a user will not be able to buy or sell items on madelocal.

Users must accept that the Internet is not a completely secure medium for communication and, accordingly, we cannot guarantee the security of any information sent or received via the Internet. We are not responsible for any damages which you, or others, may suffer as a result of the loss of confidentiality of such information.

Account registration

madelocal requires sellers to Join us and register for an account. Buyers may also register for an account at any point during their use of the site; browsing, prior to purchase or at the point of purchase. A madelocal account is not a credit account. Financial transactions via our third party payment provider Stripe require an account, which is not the same as a madelocal user account.

A madelocal user account is provided free of charge to users of madelocal in order to safely store and protect information about individual users such as their name, location and contact details for the event that they buy or sell an item where this information is required. In accordance with our Privacy Policy this personal data is stored on a secure web server with restricted access. The data is not transferred or shared with a third party without consent from the user.

It is important that the personal data we hold about you is accurate and up to date. Users are required to let us know if their personal data changes by updating their account details on madelocal. If you fail to provide accurate personal data (for example a postcode) you will not be able to buy or sell items on madelocal.

It matters to us that users feel safe and secure in all aspects of interacting with madelocal. Therefore, we use a legitimate payment service provider called Stripe. Stripe is a white label payment solution for marketplaces like madelocal. It enables us to offer a site to browse and list items alongside a secure, end to end shopping experience by integrating the ability to process payments to multiple sellers in a single transaction.

Stripe collects additional data about you to perform the Know Your Customer user verification procedure. By using this we can ensure that payments on madelocal comply with legal requirements and meet the standards of payment security.

Termination of use

A user can request the closure of their madelocal account at any point by using the contact us details. At your request we will deactivate your account and your sign in information will not be recognised. Due to legal and regulatory requirements we must retain records of transactions for a minimum number of seven years after which point we will delete the entire account; erasing all records of your data, items, images and sales. If you change your mind we will welcome you back to madelocal at any time and we may be able to reactivate your original account depending on the length of time since you left us.

It is important that users of madelocal adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in this document. In the event that a user of the site breaches the terms and conditions we reserve the right to terminate their account without notice and, in certain cases, take action to recover damages. We do not accept any liability for damages incurred by the user as a result of breaching the madelocal terms and conditions.

Sellers' terms of use

The following terms of use are in addition to the general terms and conditions.

Sellers must register for a madelocal account. This is necessary in order to provide sellers with space on the site to upload images and save the details about the item and orders. Sellers agree to provide accurate information and must not use of a false name or contact details, misrepresent their item or location or otherwise deceive other users. See Code of conduct for user interactions.

Sellers can add their own terms and conditions on the Dashboard under Account - Your T&Cs. Having clear teams and conditions for buyers can help to build trust and reduce the risk of any unexpected issues. Note that these will only apply between buyers and sellers. madelocal is not party to any arrangements other than the madelocal Terms and conditions that all users sign up to when they register for an account. Any terms and conditions in conflict with madelocal's terms and conditions will be nullified.

Sellers agree to take clear and accurate photographs of their items. The maximum size for a photograph is 5 MB, however the web browser will give the user the option to upload a smaller file. madelocal asks sellers to select the smallest possible file size in order to minimise storage space on the server. Up to five images can be added if they help to show it from different angles or in a variety of colours, styles or sizes. Photographs look best where the image is set against a light-coloured background with the item in the centre of the image.

Sellers should use the item details page to describe the variations and state the price because the price may be different dependent on the variation chosen by the buyer. The item page will display the lowest price variation denoting + where there are more expensive variations available. The buyer can choose their preferred variation using drop-down menu.

Sellers of produce including food and drink items do so at their own risk. madelocal is not responsible for ensuring compliance with food and hygiene regulations. Sellers must clearly label items or provide information on items which may contain any of the 14 food allergens or related products listed on the Food Standards Agency website.

Items named, categorised or tagged as Vintage must be “Recognised for their enduring interest and importance.” It must be 20 years old or more. Items older than 100 years are considered to be antique. Vintage items are one-offs and not widely available. Vintage items are not usually branded unless they are a special edition. Vintage items must be fitting of the era in which they were made and represent the style, trends and culture of the time.

Sellers can offer gift wrapping, gift notes and personalisation for an extra charge and set the price for this depending on the specific item.

Sellers can assign an appropriate category for each item. Items may fit several categories however only one from each group of categories can be selected when adding the item to the site. There is no right or wrong way to categorise an item. For example, a Christmas tree decoration could be categorised under Art & craft, Gift, Home or Seasonal. Whichever category, buyers using the search function will be able to find it. The more detail that the seller completes about their item, the more searches it will appear in.

Sellers can choose how their items are collected or delivered. If a seller selects the option to have the buyer collect the item from them, they agree to their address being shared with the buyer. madelocal communicates the address to the buyer by email on completion of their order. Until the order is completed the buyer can only see the location of the seller at postcode level. Sellers can also choose local and national delivery options for their item. madelocal will only communicate the buyer’s address to the seller by email on completion of the order.

Sellers must honour their commitments to buyers. Sellers who falsely claim that items have been collected or dispatched in order to receive payment will be reported and their account will be terminated. madelocal reserves the right to take action for damages incurred.

Sellers agree to the madelocal fees stated on the Pricing page of the site.

Sellers must set the price of the items for sale and the price of delivery, personalisation and gift wrapping, where applicable. When setting the price the seller accepts the madelocal fees and acknowledges that the price they set will not be the price that they receive in their payout. An interactive calculator is provided on the Pricing page to help sellers understand the fees.

Sellers agree to set up a Stripe account in Finance. This enables the proceeds of the sale to be transferred into the seller’s bank account. Sellers agree to provide accurate information and documentation as part of the Stripe account setup to verify their identity. Failure to do so will result in them not being able to withdraw the proceeds and their madelocal account will be frozen.

Sellers agree that only items in stock are presented for sale; indicated by clicking the Activate button. Items where Activate is not selected will not appear on the site. Once an item is out of stock sellers must unclick Activate. Alternatively, the Dispatch time or Available from date can be used to indicate when new stock will be ready rather than deactivate the item. This would be appropriate where items are made to order, for example. Sellers can also enable Auto restock in item settings to maintain the quantity of items available for sale.

Sellers may grant madelocal permission to use their images on social media to promote the site. This can be turned on or off in the item settings page.

It is important that the buyer’s expectations are set on how long it will take them to receive their order. Sellers must set the Dispatch time and/or Available from date for the item when it is added to the site. After completing the item details sellers can choose to Activate the item straight away, which will make it visible on the site. When an item is still being prepared or is out of stock, it can be hidden by turning off the Activate function.

Sellers can create a profile to help other users get to know them. The About me section of the dashboard contains useful points of inspiration to help sellers tell their story. As part of the madelocal community sellers are encouraged to share their inspiration to help connect with buyers and to help bring extra meaning to their purchases.

Collection and delivery

As madelocal is primarily intended to be a platform for connecting local makers and crafters with buyers we encourage sellers to offer local collection and/or delivery in order to maximise the opportunity to connect with local buyers.

madelocal does not arrange delivery and takes no responsibility for ensuring that the item reaches the buyer. It is the responsibility of the seller to calculate the appropriate delivery charges for each item and state the cost through the Add item process. Guidance on calculating delivery charges is provided by the individual couriers. Sellers should ensure that the delivery charge is fair.

For each item on sale the seller must decide the collection and or delivery options. This allows the seller the flexibility to offer different arrangements and prices depending on the item. For example, a handmade gift card could be posted anywhere in the UK for the price of an envelope and postage stamp where as a handmade chest of drawers might only be available to buyers who will collect. Sellers may prefer not to offer collection at all; it is completely up to them. Sellers may decide to undertake local deliveries themselves, within a specified distance of their own postcode, for free or for a charge, or they may decide to dispatch all orders near or far via the postal or courier service.

Any delivery charges will be subject to the transaction fee and commission rate as described on the Pricing page of the site.

Buyers who purchase an item which is available for collection and select this option must ensure that they have the means to collect it by observing the location of the item and considering the travel time and effort involved. Once the transaction is completed and payment has been taken it will not be possible to change the order and amend the delivery option.

When an item has been dispatched or is ready for collection, sellers must go onto their Dashboard; view Orders received and enter the tracking number and company (e.g. Royal Mail), if applicable and enter any additional comments in the message box. Once Dispatched/Ready for collection is selected the payment will be transferred into the seller’s Stripe account. The seller can view the balance pending in their Stripe dashboard and payout the balance to their bank account. The first payout for every new Stripe account is typically paid out 7 days after the first successful payment is received.

Refunds and returns

As items are handmade and many are specifically made to order they cannot be returned or refunded unless the item is faulty or different to that pictured and described.

To avoid disappointment, we ask sellers to be as accurate as possible with their photographs and descriptions of their items. If a buyer changes their mind after ordering an item we ask that they consider a suitable way to reuse or recycle any unwanted items. Items not collect by a buyer do not qualify for a refund. Once the seller has confirmed that the item is ready for collection they will receive payment regardless of whether the buyer collects due to the time and resources already incurred in crafting the item.

Wheremadelocal sellers are private individuals (not registered traders) buyers do not have the same rights under the Consumer Rights Act and Consumer Contract Regulations than when buying from registered traders.

In the unfortunate event that the item is faulty or different to that pictured and described, buyers should follow these steps within 1 day of receiving the item:

  • contact us - Request a refund or return.
  • Attach an image of the item showing the fault where applicable and describe the fault or difference
  • madelocal will act on your behalf to contact the seller and respond to you within 5 days
  • Should your request be granted you will have the option of a refund, return, replacement or repair as appropriate

Sellers must respond to notifications from madelocal regarding refund/return requests within 2 days.

Feedback, reviews and complaints

We welcome feedback about the site through any of our interactive features including email, madelocal messenger, reviews and social media. Please refer to our Code of conduct for user interaction.

Buyers may leave reviews about items they have purchased. Please refer to our Code of conduct for user interaction.

We encourage users to raise issues as and when they occur to give us the best chance of resolving them quickly and satisfactorily.

You agree to inform madelocal via the contact us options of any issues which are affecting you and may affect other users or which may affect the site. If you have problems with the site, including service quality or someone's behaviour please contact us and we will investigate your issue.

Complaints about the service provided by madelocal should be raised in the first instance via the contact us options. We will investigate your complaint and respond to you within 5 days.

Complaints about a specific buyer, seller or item should be raised in the first instance via the contact us options. We will investigate your complaint and respond to you within 5 days. Users must respond to notifications from madelocal regarding the complaint within 2 days. Where the complaint relates to a faulty item, or an item not as described please refer to Refunds and returns.

We aim to resolve complaints in the first instance, however if a user is dissatisfied with the resolution of a complaint they may escalate it to a dispute. Disputes are handled on a case by case basis and may be referred to an independent ombudsman for an alternative means of resolution

Code of conduct for user interaction

This applies to the use of features on the site such as emails, madelocal messenger, reviews and in-person interactions at the point of collection/delivery.
Interactions must not transmit, encourage or undertake the following:

  • threatening, abusive, defamatory, illegal, obscene or otherwise objectionable material or behaviour
  • advertising or marketing material or spam
  • chain mails, malicious software code or any bulky or disruptive attachments or graphics of a nature which may cause problems to other users
  • investment advice or financial promotions
  • infringement of another users’ privacy
  • a security breach or network security risk
  • use of a false name or details, misrepresent an item or location or otherwise deceive other users
  • posting information or distributing information that infringes another person’s copyright, intellectual property rights or otherwise violates law
  • sharing of your password or account

madelocal does not actively monitor, verify, act as editor or represent the accuracy of, any material on or sent via messenger, nor does madelocal accept any liability for such material. Comments and opinions submitted are those of the individual users. Your reliance on any such material is at your own risk and you are solely responsible for the information you submit.
In addition to the general terms and conditions you acknowledge that:

  • any activity you conduct over messaging is at your own risk
  • you must follow any applicable laws, regulations or market conventions
  • you own all of the information you post on the site
  • you control the distribution of any information you post on the site or social media pages. madelocal accepts no responsibility for how that information is used by other users.
  • you agree that madelocal may remove or block all or some of the information posted if you have breached this Code of Conduct or for other justifiable reasons in order to protect against violations of law and privacy.

If you do not comply with this Code of Conduct, madelocal may suspend or terminate your access to the site. madelocal may also seek recourse, including financial recourse, against you in the event of a breach. In some cases, breach of this Code of Conduct may mean you are committing an offense and the police will be informed.