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  • Find items made near you
  • Order from multiple stores and only checkout once
  • Secure online payment, no bank transfers needed
  • Support small, independent, local businesses near you
  • Email order updates
  • Seller messaging service
  • Friendly, responsive customer support team
  • Create a wish list
  • Many customisable items
  • Free local collection or delivery available on many items
  • National delivery available
  • We are a new, small businesses established in May 2021 and registered in the UK as a limited company. This means that we are registered to pay tax in the UK and that we spend our money locally in the UK. Please support us to continue to develop this new online marketplace to encourage people to shop local and support local makers and creators. The basket fee ensures that we can continue to operate and grow the platform for you. We really appreciate you playing your part in our business. Thank you

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madelocal seller fees calculator

Sellers' fees are calculated on the total sales price. The total sales price is the total amount paid by the buyer, including the item price and any delivery, personalisation or gift wrapping charges.

fee calculator outputs will appear below.

Note that this calculator is an estimation based on user entry, seller fees and does not guarantee a seller's income from any sale.