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Show some goth love with this handmade Goth Mama bat ornament.

Hand-stamped and hung with rustic string, these ornaments are perfect for all witchy, gothic and spooky mamas out there and would be perfect for an alternative mother's day gift!

With a natural matte finish this ornament will be perfect for anyone who just cant resist a bit of witchcraft now and again.

Please be advised these ornaments are handmade from clay so there may be slight imperfections and variations on the surface.
Each ornament is hand-sanded to remove as much surface imperfection as possible but as they are naturally dried the ornaments wont always be perfect smooth - but they will be one of a kind!
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About Stitchcrvft

Hi im Vicky and I’ve been creating and crafting for as long as I can remember.

With a passion for the unique and whimsical,I have applied that to my creations in hope that they will add a touch of magic to those who own them. I love trying new ideas and my head is always overflowing with lots of

Lovingly handmade, each thing I create is made with love and care and I hope that you will enjoy my crafts as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

Goth mama bat ornament. Handmade to order.

Made by Stitchcrvft

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