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Personalised Deep Box Frame- Perfect to gift to a loved one, or keep as a family token, with interlocking names as a lovely keepsake piece. Each frame is wrapped in bubble wrap and tissue paper to ensure no breakage. Please be as specific as you can below to ensure I can create the perfect design for you. Handmade with love.


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What inspires me to craft is the freedom to create something from scratch, often without a guide, and to be able to give that to someone. I love seeing my family and friends faces when I give them something I have made, and I want to pass on that gift to other people too.

Personalised Deep Box Frame- personalise this frame to give to a loved one or keep as a family token. Handmade with love.

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Please provide the following details below: 1. Size of frame 2. Frame colour 3. Background colour, 4. Flowers (maximum 2) 5. Scrabble letters (wooden or grey) 5. Names (if interlocking, format as name1-name2-name 3) 6. (optional) If you'd like a personalised gift note, write your message below:

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If you'd like a personalised gift note, please leave your message here:

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