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Set of 16 pink and red hearts and roses highly fragranced wax melts and extra I love You wax melt. The fragrance is Roses which reminds of a freshly picked bouquet of roses in full bloom with nuances of geranium and violet. It is a lovely, soft and feminine floral scent perfect for a girlfriend or a lovely friend.
Each wax melt weighs 6 grams and is decorated with a biodegradable glitter, the gift box can be reused or recycled.
The wax melts are handmade in small batches from soy wax, a great care is taken while creating the melts, but small imperfections can still appear.
Soy wax is sourced from soy bean, it is a sustainable source of wax, eco friendly and vegan friendly. The products do not contain any animal ingredients and were not tested on animals. Soy wax is clean burning and non toxic.
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I always liked candles and was fascinated with the various colours, shapes and fragrances of the candles in the shops. I decided to learn how to make them. Well, it is not as easy you would is just a wax, wick and a would think...So I embarked on a journey of experimenting with various types of candle wax, wicks and fragrances. There are so many combinations to choose from, so many types and sizes of wicks and many more fragrances. At the end the best that worked for me is natural soy wax with Eco wicks. All the fragrances I use are vegan and cruelty free and my materials are sourced from a reputable supplier.
I'm based in a beautiful historic city of York in the north of England. I also work full time in a finance sector and candle making and selling is my part time venture in the pastures new.

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