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A printmaker and artist based in Somerset. In my little garden studio (tiny summerhouse!) I create lino prints, collagraphs etc, and also use elements of these to produce collage cards. Unless otherwise stated, all my pieces are handmade. So, with lino prints, for example, I will design the piece, carve it out of the lino block, ink it up using a roller, then transfer it to the paper using a small hand press and lots of elbow grease! My collages are created from old prints, seconds or test pieces, and other papers. I then cut and arrange these to make the finished image, each one is unique. I like to use local places and nature to inspire me, but basically like to experiment with new methods and materials. Many of my pieces feature local landmarks, such as the lighthouse in Burnham on sea, or things I come across, such as the little seahorse ornament my daughter bought to hang in my studio, which I have used as a template for many of my collage pieces.

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