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My name is Shona and I'm from Glasgow. I trained & worked as a Landscape Architect but when I had my three children I gave up full time work. I was horrified by the amount of single use plastic I was using with a young family, so it was back to the drawing board to design THE REUSABLE SANDWICH WRAPPER. The company, Re-Wrap-It, evolved & the Wrappers took off. I started small, but as things scaled up I needed help with manufacture. I felt very strongly that as an 'eco' or 'green' product that it should be made locally....this proved very difficult! Companies wouldn't call me back or if I did the costs were ridiculous! So...I contacted Kilmarnock Prison and their industries department. They were delighted to take it on and have been working with me for many years now. They do a 6 week block in Industrial Sewing which gives them a qualification. The learn a useful skill for future employment and they get paid for their work. I get them made 30 minutes from home, so a win win situation! Re-Wrap-It was featured on As seen on BBC The Customer is Always Right! Enjoy your sandwiches!

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