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What is

About us

We set out in 2020 to create a stylish platform for UK makers to sell their crafts online. Run as a hobby, we pride ourselves on great customer service, low fees and continuous development.

We encourage people to buy and sell in their local area and our mission is “Connecting local makers and crafters with buyers in a secure and familiar online community. We champion locally made items.”

Support UK local

We truly believe in growing the UK online market for handmade items and want to put more focus on shopping local and buying locally.

The internet has given us access to anything, anywhere, anytime but research shows that most people would rather buy from someone local to them. What we really value is the connection and sense of community from making something for somebody we know.

Safe and secure

With online shopping, you are in control. With so many small businesses without an online presence, madelocal is a safe and simple way for people to start selling items online.

We take our responsibilities seriously, from building trust with customers and sellers, to protecting your personal details we have made sure that our Terms of Use reflect the responsible brand we stand for.