Coming soon! Christmas craft fair...
(Thursday 1st to Monday 12th December 2022)

This is our fifth craft fair of 2022. It is an online event. If you have been with us before you will know the drill by now but if you haven’t met us before; hi! We started as a hobby in 2021 and we run it from our home in North Wales. We truly believe in growing the UK online market for handmade items and want to put more focus on shopping local and buying locally.

The craft fair is more than a social sharing event. The craft fair is hosted on which is a website in its own right. To take part you will need to do the following no later than 30th November:

  • Complete your account set up
  • List your items for sale

We cannot guarantee you any sales but we will do our very best to promote the event as far and wide as possible and we hope that you will do the same. For taking part in the craft fair you will receive:

  • Your own unique url to your shop e.g.
  • A place in the marketplace
  • Commission free sales
  • Event promotion
  • One to one help and support

Next steps

Add your items to the Christmas Collection
  • Sign in to your madelocal dashboard.
  • Add items or edit your existing item details.
  • Complete all the relevant details.
  • Add the item to the Christmas Collection and any other relevant Collections.
  • Add searchable tags, such as “decoration” and don’t forget to tick it.
  • Make sure you activate the item and it will appear live on the website.
  • Deactivate any items that are no longer for sale.

How it works

Your shop will be accessible for shoppers either via a direct link that you can give to them, or they can find you on the craft fair page All of the items from the Christmas Collection will be listed and searchable on this page.

To stand the best chance of making a sale we recommend that you do the following in the lead up to and during the craft fair:

  • Change the link in your Instagram bio to your madelocal shop
  • Use or similar to show madelocal as one of your shops if you sell on multiple sites
  • Share @shopmadelocal posts about the event
  • Tag @shopmadelocal in your posts for a reshare if your link in bio includes your madelocal shop
  • Promote your own madelocal shop
  • Promote your items for sale on madelocal
  • Price your items competitively with other sites that you sell on
  • You may wish to create a discount code via the Promo tab on your dashboard. This code can be shared with your promotional posts
  • Go live on social media during the event to show off your items
  • Tell your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues about it
  • Keep it up!

Did you know that isn’t just for craft fairs? The marketplace runs all year round, so take advantage of the low fees and get your customers onto

There is a Help Centre on the website but if we can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to ask. We look forward to speaking to you soon,

Clare and Dave

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