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Hi I'm Alison, Owner and creator of Little Bag of Love Ltd. I have always loved anything craft orientated so imagine my joy at finally having the time to experiment and create and indulge in my biggest passion for writing. Everything that I do is done with pride, precision and passion. Having an English Degree in Literature and Language was a good start but I think being in my late forties, and having weathered many a storm along the way enables me to add feeling and depth to my poems and verses . I have also been very fortunate to experience love, laughter and children and these times have also provided inspiration for my work. I really want to make sure that any product you purchase will be received with pleasure and 100% satisfaction. I am always experimenting and trying to come up with new designs and ideas and really do appreciate any feedback that will help improve the gifts that I can provide for you. If you would like a personalised poem for any occasion - happy or sad - then please feel free to get in touch and I will do my very best to create something unique. As you can probably gather I am a bit of a chatterer but don't worry as I am online I wont keep you talking for hours 😊 Its just hard not to ramble on when you feel so passionate about something. I really believe every occasion should be marked -happy or sad as these milestones make us what we are.

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