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*** PROFITS FROM WILL GO TO D.E.C. UKRAINIAN APPEAL *** The craft, the yarn and the colours: I learned to knit as a child and have made garments for myself and family ever since. Recently, I discovered luxury, ultra-fine merino yarn and my heart was lost, it's the softest I have ever encountered - and don't get me started on the stunning hand-dyed colours! Merino yarn has so many great qualities. There's nothing better to keep out the chill on a winter's day. I've also recently added some Vegan Friendly items in premium quality acrylic yarns. For me, it's all about the craft, the yarn and the colours. Please have a browse around my shop and feel free to contact me if you want any further information. Pricing Policy: I try to keep prices down as much as possible, but never skimp on the quality of the yarns used. So I send out parcels wrapped safely and securely to protect your items, but don't want to waste your money on unnecessary packaging, tags etc, although they may look nice initially, they only end up in the bin.

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