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It was a love of jewellery making that got me into making glass. Spending many lunch breaks in the bead shops near my work, I found myself drawn to beautiful dichroic pendants. I must have been a magpie in a former life because the glimmer and shimmer of the glass transfixed me and I became intrigued by it. After a bit of research I learnt that with the aid of a kiln, some sheets of glass and a cutter, I could make my own. A kiln is a pretty big purchase but I found a small starter kiln slightly bigger than a microwave which allowed me to fire small pieces, and my obsession was kick started. What was initially a purchase to make small pendants, I soon started making larger pieces as decorative dishes and candle holders. As my passion grew I upgraded my kiln to allow me to make slightly larger pieces without taking up too much space in my small London flat. I'm completely self taught and have enjoyed teaching myself new methods from screen printing images onto glass all the way through to actually weaving with glass - the latter took me 4 tries to figure out! I'm often contacted to make bespoke orders and still feel the same excitement and anticipation as the first time when I can finally open the kiln after 12 hours to look at the results.

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